Say Goodbye to Sink Leaks: Easy DIY Fixes Kitchen Sink Drain Leakage

Having a leakage in your kitchen sink’s drain can seem like the worst thing that can happen to your day. Finding a leakage in your sink usually indicates that the kitchen sink pipes are either loosened, have some faults or are worn out. Drain and pipe repair becomes much easier when you understand a few things and keep at home a few essentials.

When the leakage splashes from the pipes it would be due to a loose connection or due to destruction/ impairment. When the drain leakage starts from the sink’s bottom side, it is probably due to the sink strainer. Here in this blog, we have put forth a few quicker fixes that assist in stopping the leakages immediately.  Fraser Valley plumbing services, like Impero, offer comprehensive solutions, from routine maintenance and repairs to new installations and renovations for residential and commercial properties

Best Possible Ways to Stop Leakage on Kitchen Sink Drain

  • In case of temporary fixes on minor leakage conditions, you can shield them with silicone tape or may apply epoxy putty.
  • For fixing the leakages in the pipe connections, you can tighten the slip nuts or supplant the odd ones, fissured rubber gaskets.
  • In conditions of major leakages, replace the P-trap. You can get it easily at any hardware store.

Mending Leaks Temporarily

  • Application of Epoxy on Water pipes- This method seems the best temporary solution to stop leakage of pipes. This type of fix is favourable for cast iron piping; the epoxy compound is ideal for holding things together, till you are able to bring in an efficient plumber to sort the issue permanently.
  • Usage of Pipe Wraps- This quick fix is much more doable since in most hardware stores you can get this product. This is also like epoxy, the pipe wraps may harden to mend a hole or leakage. Pipe wraps could be utilised anywhere on the piping system. These wraps are not just meant for certain types of leakages.
  • Plumbing Repair Tape- Just like pipe wrapping, plumbing repair tape is the best remedy to patch leakages before the arrival of the plumber. In such conditions, plumbing tape is wrapped upon the pipe to make a makeshift seal by amalgamating all of parts together. This type of quick fix remains for a few days, thus allowing you the time to get organised and bring in a plumber to avert disaster.

Other Possible Ways to Repair

  • Get a new sink strainer that fits your older ones. There exist several sink strainer types so get the old sink strainer with you at the time of buying. Buy the one which is in the same size and style to match your previous one. The Bell washer sink strainer has a huge bell shape that interconnects the underside of your sink. The larger Locknut strainers have larger threaded nuts which prevents leakages.


When the kitchen sink drain leakage is left unattended, it can cause significant damage to your structure and pose a serious health risk. Avail specialist services by Impero whether you face drainage issues at Burnaby or Frasen Valley and prevent the flooding of your residence or home.