Installing Crown Molding: The Ultimate Guide

Most crown molding is pre-primed and geared up to accept latex or oil based totally paint software. The following guide will assist you in well installing crown molding that has been purchased on line and brought to your own home for most efficient interior layout.

Items you’ll want earlier than you begin:

Miter field
Hand noticed or energy miter noticed
Caulking gun
Premium paintable,Installing Crown Molding: The Ultimate Guide Articles silicon or brilliant latex adhesive caulk
Caulk line container and pencil
Tape measure
Optional (however endorsed) substances:

1.5″ – 2.Zero” putty knife
Hammer and nail set
Elastomeric adhesive caulk (White Lightning™ Recommended)
Extra fine sandpaper
6d or 8d completing nails (brilliant finished or electro galvanized) fasteners should penetrate substrate a minimum of ½ to ¾ inch
Preparing your room for crown molding set up

Before you start putting in your crown molding, it’s correct to plot your layout so as to decide the quantity of crown molding you’ll want.
Measure the entire room (the width of every wall) to find the full duration.
Add 10% to this total for miter waste
Divide the whole linear feet buy the crown molding lengths. These lengths commonly come in 8, 12, and 16 foot measures. So in case your overall wall duration is 34 ft and you’re using 8 foot molding lengths, this indicates you’ll want 5 lengths of eight foot molding at a forty ft overall. You’ll usually need to spherical-up. It’s higher to have greater molding than no longer sufficient.
If you’re not using cornices, don’t forget buying extra molding so as to healthy the pattern of the molding while you’re eight foot length ends in the center of a wall. If your molding has a repeat sample of 6″ or more, you’ll need to buy an extra 5% of molding.
Always save your molding in a dry vicinity and never outside.
Things to bear in mind before putting in your crown molding

It is suggested which you paint after set up because the caulk that you’ll by the use of to assist comfortable the molding to the wall will push thru the joints and might create some white areas within the crown molding gaps. You’ll additionally be the usage of the caulk to cowl the nail/screw holes created when mounting the molding to the substrate. You’ll be the use of a putty knife to fill those holes and later, extra first-class sandpaper to clean-out the caulk for painting or staining.
Clean all surfaces of molding with a cloth or wet sponge. Make certain floor area is absolutely dry before putting in.
Measuring and mitering your molding for set up

The first piece of crown molding to be reduce have to choose BLG For Sheet Molding Compound be a chunk on the way to be in the back of a door or at an not noticeable corner. This is because while matching molding styles, in which the entire set up duration of molding starts offevolved and ends, the sample will commonly not suit-up.
Measure the length of the wall the crown molding is to be hooked up on. When reducing your crown molding period, upload 1/32″ to either facet to catch up on taking.
Place the molding inside the miter box and ensure to be privy to the wall facing side of the molding and the ceiling dealing with aspect. The wall dealing with side is commonly the longer facet of the molding. It could be correct practice to constantly vicinity the ceiling side of the molding on the lowest of the miter field and the wall side of the molding on the miter container wall contrary you.
Measure the joint angles of your walls (inside and outside angles) with an excellent protractor. For cutting joints, measure the perspective wherein partitions meet and divide this angel in half of. This divided amount can be the angle you’ll want to reduce the molding joint at.
When reducing, take note of the molding sample. Cut the left facet piece of molding first and then in shape the pattern earlier than cutting the proper aspect piece. Do this for all joints, internal and out.
After slicing, vicinity your cuts together to test how they fit. If it looks properly, flow on to the next molding length to be measured and cut.
As you’re reducing and mitering all your molding lengths, lay them down in front of the partitions that they’re to be mounted on. Do this till you’ve completed cutting all molding lengths and double take a look at them for correct dimension.
Crown molding butt joints

Sometimes when crown molding does not span the complete length of a wall, you’ll want to butt joint crown molding lengths collectively.
Make sure there may be sample continuity between the two lengths of crown molding to be joined.
Place the crown molding within the miter box and reduce a straight aspect.
Installing your cut crown molding

The first piece of crown molding you’ll want to put in is the piece you cut first.
Take the molding and upload a continuous bead of ¼” construction adhesive caulk alongside the ceiling and wall dealing with facets of the crown molding, as well as the butt joint ends. Gently press the crown molding against the wall and use the caulk to fill in any gaps.
Next, nail or fasten the molding into place the usage of trimhead drywall screws or completing nails. Make certain to region the nails into regions of the molding where there may be no ornamentation so that the nail or screw hole can be full of elastomeric caulk and later sanded right down to a clean finish.
After the molding is secured there can be some adhesive caulk that has been pushed out around the rims and joints of the molding. Wipe off the extra caulk the use of a moist cloth. Caulk will normally dry in to 3 hours.
Once the molding has been established fill all gaps with caulk. Smooth with a putty knife, wipe off extra and permit to dry.
Sand down caulked regions to a easy end to put together for portray or staining.
Paint or contact-up molding with paint or stain as wanted.
This complete crown molding installation manual has been introduced to you by using InvitingHome.Com. Remember – when installing a cornice or crown molding it’s miles critical to set up a plan for the format previous to graduation. Measure two times, reduce once and use these available instructions to offer your private home the cultured indoors décor you’ve always dreamed of.